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  • Lights

    We provide Stage equipment, sound equipment, Carpeting, Masking, Backdrops& signage and more.

    A comprehensive inventory of Parcans, LED Lights, Moving Heads, Gobos, Follow Lights, Smoke Machines, Par Lights, Scanners, Lasers, Spot Lights, Halogen etc. is available on Rental and Hiring to provide lighting solutions for various indoor and outdoor Events.

    From LED PAR to Sharpies, Moving Heads, Avolite Panels, Gobo, Smoke & Haze Machines to Goalpost & Box Trusses, we provide the best in class and latest in trend lights for all types and sizes of events and conferences. Our team of experts is master in perfectly placements of lights, so that it gives the best output. We deliver supreme quality at the most reasonable price possible in the market. Buy light & sound equipment on rent & hire at Cinesonic Group in Delhi NCR Region.